Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Essential Topics of Religion in Jurisprudential Issues based on The Book of Jawahar alkalaam On the Subject of Praying    M.Sc.    zeynab darvishi    1400/06/24
2    studying the instances of animal crime in jurisprudence of Islamic groups    M.Sc.    faeze firouzi    1400/05/05
3    Specific rules of Shia and Sunni jurisprudence about confession and its reflection in Iranian law    M.Sc.    Mahnaz Hosseinpour Avval    1399/08/07
4    the specifice endowment in islamic jurisprudece and civil code of afghanistan    M.Sc.    ABDUL RASOUL TAHERI    1399/06/24
5    The study of the jurisprudential foundations of the unnamed fatwas of Imami jurists about zakat    Ph.D    zeinab mashkani    1399/03/19
6    : A Practical Study of the Rule of "Not Wasting Muslim Blood" in Imamia Jurisprudence Texts    M.Sc.    davoud saberi    1398/11/30
7    Inverstigate the rile of priority a mong The right as a jurisprudential rule    M.Sc.    samaneh karimi    1398/06/27
8    Supporting of Iranian goods in terms of jurisprudence    M.Sc.    farzaneh ramezani    1398/06/20
9    Survey Ayatollah Ghoi methods in Verses of Ahkam on the base of Mesbah Al-Feghahe in topic of Acquisition to the unclean things    M.Sc.    zahra asdollahi    1397/10/25
10    Comparative study of the views of the author of al-Furghan with other Imamia authors on the jurisprudential verses about sale    M.Sc.    fatemeh amidi    1397/06/25
11    Specific rules of Shiah and Sunni jurisprudence about family law and its reflection on Iranian law.    M.Sc.    samira rezayi    1397/06/24
12    Analysis of content filter (filtering) from Jurisprudential point of view (In lieu of the published list of workgroup determining Instances of criminal content)    Ph.D    Javad Javidnia    1397/06/20
13    rule of invalidity in Imamiya jurisprudential texts    M.Sc.    mozhgan malek jafariyan    1396/11/21
14    Value maximizing theory from the perspective Hermeneutics and its application in religious texts (With emphasis on verses and jurisprudential narratives)    Ph.D    Samaneh alavi    1396/11/14
15    the Coercible in Islamic jurisprudence orders    M.Sc.    zeynab sadat nobakht    1395/11/30
16    Theology and Islamic Studies - Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and principles of Islamic Law    M.Sc.    seyyede samira hosseini    1395/11/27
17    Study on the judgments and issues related to privacy of places and property in jurisprudence and laws in Iran.    M.Sc.    maryam najafi    1394/10/21
18    Ayatollah Khoei views on Ahkam verses related to family law issues    M.Sc.    reyhaneh yazdandust    1393/11/18
19    A Study of Sexual Education in the Islamic jurisprudence Teachings.    M.Sc.    seyyed mostafa fare shirazi    1393/06/24
20    change(shari\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ah) laws to changing habits(with an approach to legal evidence)    M.Sc.    somayeh zoghi    1393/03/28
21    A Study of Allame Majlisi Opinions in the Field of Jurisprudential Verses of the Quran in Bihar Al Anwar    M.Sc.    adeleh rahmani    1393/03/22
22    Evaluation of rights Animals in Islamic Jurisprudence    M.Sc.    جمالی کلور jamali kolur    1393/02/22